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Licensed Health Insurance Agents

Carol Jodar Ricker

Licensed Health Insurance Agent

(920) 894-7835

Carol has been helping people with their health insurance needs for over seven years. She is an independent, fully licensed Health Insurance Agent, who possesses knowledge in Medicare plans, such as Medicare Supplement Insurance plans and Medicare Advantage Health plans. Carol helps clients look at coverage options when transitioning from employer or individual health insurance to Medicare. She also works with clients who are under the age of 65 who may or may not be eligible for a tax credit on the Marketplace. Carol has experience working with Marketplace plans since the inception, and is a member of the Elite Circle of Champions. 

She also sees value in funeral pre-planning, and partners with clients to plan for those expenses, and protect the future for themselves and their families. 

Ruth Wasmer

Licensed Health Insurance Agent

(920) 894-7835

Ruth’s health care knowledge includes experience with a hospital system and also a regional health insurance company.  She is a licensed Life and Health insurance agent, and works with clients to find health plan solutions that work, including Medicare Advantage Health plans, Medicare Supplement Insurance plans and individual/family health plans for short or long-term needs.  Ruth’s approach to relationships is based on respect and compassion, with a goal of providing clients the information they need to make important choices about their health care.

Ruth and her husband, Tony, enjoy travel and spending time with their children and grandchildren.  Her interests include writing, gardening and reading. 

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